In April 2013, husband and I moved to Munich… The new challenges, travels and experiences took over my life, and i forgot to do what I loved best… And that was to write, photograph and document life.

So here I am, bringing you a documentation (and photography) of what life is like in Munich. Originally from Sydney, I am a marketing and communications professional with a passion for travel, sport, food and my Thermomix… I hope you enjoy! Luisa


  1. Hi Luisa!

    Thank you for finding and following me! – I am looking forward to read more about your journey, as well.
    Two and a half years ago I fell in love with a man from Illinois, USA. He moved over to live with me in Hamburg, Germany and now is my husband. So we might share some insights about life abroad. 🙂

    By the way, I met another lady from Sydney on WordPress. Her name is Alexandra and she lives in Munich, too. Maybe it would be interesting for you to check out her blog? Here is the link:


    Much love from the north,

  2. Hey Luisa ,
    Such a small world … One of ur pictures came up on my feed on Instagram …so I was on ur Insta and realised u had a blog , which I was reading … Then I was reading the replys and some mentioned a Sydney girl called Alex / Munich , etc … I thought immediately it’s a client from my salon .. Clicked on the link and it is ..
    Small world that you have both meet
    I hope ur loving the European life .
    Keep smiling
    Bec sattout

    • Hi Bec, Lovely to hear from you… I hope you are doing well and still being an amazing hairdresser. Well actually – it’s a bit of a funny story of how Alex and I met and it involves you! You must have been in Europe or something, and you posted a pic of some chestnuts, and somehow i saw that pic, and Alex had commented on it saying “these are everywhere in Munich” etc. So i clicked on her and saw her blog and then contacted her! We are now good friends 🙂 I will see her this weekend and let her know this too. She will laugh!
      Europe is amaze… Don’t know how i will move back to sydney one day 😐

  3. Hi Luisa 🙂

    I was your next door neighbour back in B……. Hills, Sydney!! Brings a smile across my face, to see how happy and passionate you seem with your life’s joys and adventures. I wish you nothing but the best, and that your life continues to be a fulfilling journey! 😀


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